• 18 foot deck height Wide Bedway Stainless Steel Embankment Slide
Embankment Slide, Berm Slide, Hill Slide, Slope Slide… Doesn’t matter what you call it, they are all fun! Sliding is one of the most exciting events on the playground. Children can interact with other children on playground slides as they race down or climb up the hill. As an embankment slide, injury from falls to the ground is reduced. This increases the development and physical experience without the risk anticipated from high elevations on a play structure or deck. The sidewalls have been raised from the industry standard 4” rail height to a 6” rail for improved safety on longer embankment slides. The radius at the end of the chute is formed to a radius to create an extended flat section at the exit end of the slide. This provides space to help decelerate before reaching the end of the bedway.

Aluminum Slide, Stainless Steel Slide and Metal Slide testing finds results contrary to popular belief as cooler than plastic slides. Temperature testing finds surfaces an average of 8 degrees cooler. This means even in the most adverse positioning toward the sun they maintain cooler temperatures than even the lightest plastic color slides.So, no, metal playground slides are NOT hotter than plastic! No more worries about color fading from UV exposure. Cold temperature cracking is eliminated. Aluminum and metal slides are more accommodating to children with cochlear hearing implants with reduced static electricity. A plastic slide can generate up to 60,000 volts of electricity! These slides also provide superior vandal resistance such as grafitti and burning. Standard and custom colors available in a tough powder coated finish of an electostatically applied TGIC polyester powder. Repair or repainting is also easier.

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All Stainless STEEL Metal Slide construction for long lasting durability.
Approximate 30 degree slope during descent.
18 gauge seamless Stainless Steel Bedway.
304 Stainless Steel Rectangular Tube Sidewalls.
Optional TGIC polyester Powder Coating for added color to side rails (additional).

Single Bedway Slides: 16” wide slide chute bedway
Double Slides: Two 16”wide slide chute bedways
Double Wide Slides: 36” wide slide chute bedway

Slides must be installed over impact attenuating safety surfacing. Depending on your specific installation needs, there may be a variety of materials and methods of surfacing available. Please see CPSC Publication 324 (residential) or CPSC Publication 325 (commercial) for information and guidelines. The entrance to all slides should feature a flat, horizontal space to allow passengers to safely transition from a standing position and enter the slide in a seated orientation. A “sit-down” bar or “channeling” device should be used to prevent children from walking out onto the slide, while guiding them into place. Hand grips or holds should be available to enable safe seating. No obstructions may be left or right of the bedway at the entrance and throughout the descent. If obstructions are present, such as rocks, stairs, rails or landscaping features, an enclosed slide may be needed. Proper use zones or safety perimeters must also be planned and available at the entrance and exit zones of any slide.


What do you remember from your childhood? Do you remember the play ground slides? Play slides are on the top of the list for kid choice play, right up there with a swing set. Did you have a slide for backyard play? Backyard playground slides or backyard swings recall some of our fondest memories of growing up. The playground slide and our school friends were truly “the good old days.” When working with any large playground slide, consider the venue and use. Plastic may be economical, but may not last as long as a metal slide. An aluminum slide or a stainless steel slide may last long, but cost more than its counterpart plastic playground slide. A stainless steel slide (playground variety) is long lasting and low maintenance option! Large slides might be needed for hillside slides for playgrounds. Searching for hillside slides for sale might be the wrong way to approach the situation. Rather than buy a slide and change the hill, we suggest that you provide some geometry and dimensions of your hill. (Visit our embankment slides page) We can design the slide to fit your project. This allows you a DIY Embankment slide, but we do the work! Searching for a hillside slide for sale is tough, you may need some custom solutions to be safe and function correctly. There are some required safety features and standards, but there are also options to configure your slide properly. Hillside slides or a “hill slide” for kids can be built into your architecture and provide a safe and fast descent down a hill to other play areas. An embankment may be a good location for outdoor slides for adults! The tall metal playground slide you remember as a child is more likely safer when close to the ground.

Keeping the price down may lead you to search for used metal slides for sale. Used and sale in the same sentence with slides are probably not a good idea when considering playground equipment. Someone getting rid of a slide should make you wonder if something is wrong with it! Watch out for an ad for a "used playground slide." A commercial slide may cost more than a residential slide due to thickness, dimensions and durability factors. Commercial slides are usually needed for any place other than your backyard treehouse slide. Residential playground equipment is typically manufactured with different materials and to different standards or specifications. A slide for playground use must meet higher standards and more restrictive guidelines. Stainless steel playground slides may also be used off of the playground, so don't let a name confuse your search. This means a metal kids slide may also be used for adults, as an adult slide.

Trying to find the right playground slide for sale could be a tough task. Let us simplify your slide search, how high is the deck? Start there! Custom playground slides don't cost more than a standard slide, we don't charge a premium to guide you. If you just want to know how to make a metal playground slide, you may end up missing some of the safety guidelines that an experienced manufacturer is familiar with. Don't forget playground shades. Playground shade will not only protect your children from direct sun, heat and harmful UV rays, but will also help protect your playground equipment.

18 foot deck height Wide Bedway Stainless Steel Embankment Slide

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