Cancellation, Return and Warranty

We hope it never happens!  What happens if it does?  Most of our items are manufactured custom per order.  This really means a custom answer is needed.  Generally, for products ordered and BEFORE the order is received by manufacturer, their is no penalty or fee.  After product order is received by manufacturer and before shipment date there is a minimum of 25% (of total) cancellation fee. This surcharge is equal to the default charge imposed by individual manufacturers and is set by or determined by Manufacturer.  After shipment, there is a  25% of total as cancellation fee, plus round trip freight charge (in addition to cancellation fee). Unfortunately, we have to pay the freight charges whether you keep the product or not.  No changes to design, color or equipment ordered can be made after order has been turned over to the supporting manufacturer.  Custom manufactured or made to order items may not be eligible for return.   RETURNS must be authorized by the producing manufacturer or distributor per their established, written and/or published warranty and return policy.  The policy varies between manufacturers.  Please contact DUNRITE for specific information or details regarding your products. In the absence of manufacturer warranty or return policy, the responsibility for malfunctions, defects or merchantability is bourne by the customer.  DunRite Playgrounds in itself does not warranty merchantability, and presents product with all faults or is an AS IS condition as supplied by the originating manufacturer.  DunRite does not offer or support a warranty on products: full, limited, express, written or implied between Customer and Dunrite.   Please consult wih or contact DunRIte for the Manufacturer underwritten or supply of any Manufacturer Warranty.  DunRite is not authorized to issue, alter, exempt or replace Manufacturer Warranties with oral agreements or express or implied warranty.  All warranty provision, coverage and terms is supplied by applicable manufacturer.