• 4 foot x 8 foot Ultimat 2 foot Panel Fasteners Ends

Our Firmest and Lightest Mat!

Ultimat® mats provide the firm support necessary for high impact activities by older and heavier users.  Use in physical education, gymnastic classes, cheerleading and martial arts training and more.  2 panels that fold in 2 sections for easy handling and storage.  1 3/8" firm mats provide the high shock absorbency and "no bottoming out" characteristics required for all your high impact activities.  Ultimats come complete with 2" fasteners on both ends and are also available with fasteners on all 4 sides for added size flexibility and for use as wall mats.  Ultimat® mats are upholstered with a tough 18 oz. vinyl fabric.  Knife coated on both sides, the polyester base fabric provides excellent tensile strength that resists abrasions, tears and punctures.  All mats resist fungus, bacteria and mildew and provide years of hard use. Available color: Royal Blue

Our firmest and lightest mat

Fasteners on ends only

2 panels - 2 folds

Use for high impact activities

Special Warranty:5 Year
Shipment Type:Small Pack

4 foot x 8 foot Ultimat 2 foot Panel Fasteners Ends

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