• 45 pound Vinyl Coated Kettlebell BLACK

Athletes will be able to work out their whole body through cardio and strength-training exercises with help from this Champion Barbell Vinyl-Coated Kettlebell. Users can perform dead lifts, push presses, windmills and various other exercises with this kettlebell, which is made with a vinyl coating to protect weight room and gymnasium surfaces. Available in a wide array of weights, each kettlebell is designed using a different color, so athletes can easily identify the right kettlebell for them.

  • Vinyl coating helps protect floors and reduces noise from accidental drops

  • Great for total-body strength-building exercises

  • Each kettlebell (one kettlebell included) features a different color for easy identification

  • Available in a variety of weights to best suit your schools or recreational facilitys needs


  • Activity: Weight Lifting, Training, Weight Training

  • Brand: Champion Barbell

  • Quantity: 1

Strength Training

Brand:Champion Barbell
Special Warranty:1 Year
Shipment Type:Small Pack

45 pound Vinyl Coated Kettlebell BLACK

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  • $199.99