PowerMount Wall Mount Basketball System


The PowerMount Wall Mounted shooting station is designed to allow backboard installations in tight spaces where playing area is at a premium. If your facility requires a backboard installation close to a wall, call on the PowerMount Wall Mount series!

The PowerMount structure provides quick and easy installation of a basketball backboard on a wall with a minimal 12" of wall-to-backboard distance. We provide an array of prepackaged Powermount options to choose from. The PowerMount Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop can be used with ANY basketball backboard having a standard 20"x35" mounting. However, selecting a PowerMount package is easy and guarantees component compatibility.

All PowerMount Wall Mount packages come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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Competitor Contender Select Pro Supreme
42x72 Tempered Glass 42x72 Tempered Glass 36x60 Acrylic 36x60 Tempered Glass 42x72 Acrylic
Advantage Aggressor Rebound Performance  
39x54 Tempered Glass Fan 42x60 Steel 39x54 Fiberglass Fan 42x72 Fiberglass Rectangle  

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