Baseball and Softball Pitcher Mounds

Baseball. America's favorite past time sport. For years, now Americans having been playing this wonderful game and it has caught fire in countries all over the world making the game a household name and raising the level of competition to new forefronts. DunRite is proud to be part of this movement in providing the finest baseball field equipment pieces found anywhere. From our batting cages to our field covers to our portable pitching mounds, teams and organizations everywhere can be confident in counting on DunRite to have the best pieces of baseball sports equipment around. Our portable pitching mounds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor practice. The levels of play that our pitching platforms are designed for range from Little League up through the Pony League and all the way up to the Senior League. Our most basic Portable Pitching Platform is 95 pounds in weight and is composed of reinforced aluminum and spike-proof turf giving it durability. Our mounds used for Pony League play can be carried by two people weighing only 220 pounds and are made out of an ultra durable fiberglass substance. Pitching rubber is included for a more authentic feel. For a pitching mound used for Senior League play, it is covered in durable artificial turf and has a tapered sharp edge to assist with the transition to your baseball field of choice.

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