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Available in standard and custom configurations! Treehouse slide? Indoor? Outdoor ? No problem. We offer complete service from design, detailed engineering , through manufacturing to installation. Whether you call it a Twisty Slide, Spiral Slide, Helical Slide or Helix Slide, the kids will call it pure playground fun! Many slides may be utilized as a pool slide or water slide (also called a FLUME slide).  A DRY SLIDE may be used as an outdoor slide or indoor slide. On a hill, slope or architectural buildout, you may be looking for an embankment slide, hill slide, or slope slide.  A THEME SLIDE may incorporate unique colors, or added theme events or features. A CUSTOM SLIDE may be designed to fit your unique space, theme, concept or idea. Many office, business or commercial venues are looking for a STAINLESS STEEL slide.


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A slide and method of making it in which there is an upright ground-engageable post having a helical channeled bedway extending axially therealong with a ladder interconnected to the upper end of said bedway. The bedway is formed from an annular body having inner and outer radially spaced circumferential edges. After the body is formed, it is cut thereacross, a post is inserted through said body, and the inner circumferential inner edge of said body adjacent one of its ends is connected to said post. The opposite end of said body is pulled axially along the post to cause said body to project radially outwardly therefrom with its inner circumferential edge abutting said post along a helical path. Said inner circumferential edge is fastened to the post, and the ladder is then interconnected to the upper end of the extended bedway.

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Spiral Tube Slide 30 inch diameter 360 Degree 16 Foot 6776-0

Spiral Tube Slide 30 inch diameter 360 Degree 16 Foot 6776-0

Spiral Tube Slide (30" diameter tube slide) 360 Degree for 16 foot deck (6776-0). This is a cool 16 ..


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