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11 foot Deck height Spiral Slide OPEN Bedway 720 Degree Freestanding

11 foot Deck height Spiral Slide OPEN Bedway 720 Degree Freestanding
11 foot Deck height Spiral Slide OPEN Bedway 720 Degree Freestanding
Product Code: AD720FS
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The open spiral slide kit, AD720 Spiral Slide, Freestanding Slide (includes stairs)
Some people call this a Twisty Slide or a Curly Slide!

The AD720 Freestanding Spiral Slide is an impressive addition to any playground and playground slides. Aside from its obvious fun value and attractive appearance, the corkscrew shape enables a long slide path to be installed compactly. This Spiral Slide is segmented, with well-fitted joints. Segmented slides have several advantages over one-piece slides, not the least of which is friendly shipping and storage. The slide can be re-configured based on the number of 90° spiral sections used, hence, can be used on several deck-heights. 3ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8,ft, 9.5ft, 11ft.NOTE: Due to the orientation of the exit, all heights may not be available for your scenario.

This is a well-crafted slide. The modular technique allow for both modifications to the design and future replacement of damaged components. The metal main-deck frame is incredibly strong and provides very simple connection interface to your platform.There is an optional entry hood or ladder system to create a freestanding unit. This is helpful if you are trying to place an attraction in a small space, like an apartment or home backyard. Optional upgrade to Surface Mount. Optional Upgrade to Stainless Steel Column (for water use).

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