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4 foot Northgate Bench
The Northgate bench is handmade with great care. Individual steel ribs a quarter of an inch thick ar..
6 foot Pittsburgh Bench with recycled plastic lumber
Here's a bench that matches ornate strap legs with pine, recycled plastic, or cutting edge heat..
15 foot Personalized Multicolor Perforated Player Bench
This personalized multicolor player's bench fea-tures a 15" seat and back; 3½" more space for ..
46 inch Octagonal Expanded Metal Surface Mount Table
Our expanded 46" table is available with a chamfered 7" corner option for an octagonal look. The 2" ..
10 foot Picnic Table Radial Edge Perforated Surface Mount
Our radial edge picnic table sports seats and a table top that are rolled on a 2" radius, making th..
8 foot Picnic Portable 6 foot seats Expanded - child size
Children's picnic tables in six and eight foot lengths are scaled down for youngsters. The tabl..
8 foot Surface Mount ADA Perforated Metal Picnic Table
We also offer standard picnic tables in 11 gauge perforated steel tops and seats. Our picnic tables ..
36 inch Perforated Pedestal Table - 40 inch high
This the the pedestal table that started it all, still available in two heights. It was so popular w..
8 foot Personalized Diamond Pattern Bench
Personalized Diamond benches feature custom wording and logos manufactured into the bench. Then they..
6 foot Sawgrass Pattern Bench
This new bench design features a sawgrass style lattice work back that looks right at home in parks ..
6 foot Personalized Standard Expanded Bench with Back
Our standard expanded metal bench is one of our best sellers. We can personalize it by welding solid..
6 foot Bench with back Perforated - 11.5 inch wide seat
Our basic perforated bench has a pattern of ½" holes. It's the next step up in sophistication ..
46 inch Square Expanded Portable 4 bench seats
We also offer this 46" square expanded metal table with attached bench seats. The seats have backs a..
46 inch Square Surface Mount Expanded child size
We make a scaled down version of our 46" square expanded metal table for the young set. The table to..
6 foot Portable Expanded Metal Picnic Table
Our standard picnic tables have plenty of room to seat large parties. Our weatherproof thermoplastic..
4 foot Permanent Mount Perforated Metal Picnic Table
We also feature the permanent mount picnic table in a stylish perforated version.11 Gauge perforated..
6 foot Victorian Recycled Plastic Bench without back
This Victorian style bench made of recycled plastic has a classic look suitable for use in parks, ga..
4 foot Personalized Multicolor Perforated. U-Leg Bench
This bench is a different multicolor personalized style that sports our modern U-Leg design. The leg..
4 foot Perforated Bench no back
The bench without back offers a 22" wide seat in four to six foot lengths featuring our perforated s..
8 foot Standard Expanded Bench no back - 11 .5 inch wide seat
Our backless expanded metal bench puts seating where you need it with a minimum of fuss. 9 Gauge exp..