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Monkey Deluxe Treehouse

Monkey Deluxe Treehouse
Monkey Deluxe Treehouse Monkey Deluxe Treehouse Monkey Deluxe Treehouse
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Want a tree house that has it all? Then this is the one for you! This deluxe version has two belt swings, monkey bars, a turbo spiral slide, and a tire swing. The oversized log, whacky clubhouse, and staircase will guarantee you have the coolest tree house in the neighborhood.

8’ Bridge (Deck)
8’ Bridge (Swing)
Climbing Net
Climbing Wall with Rock Style Grips
Electrical Package
Fireman’s Pole
Monkey Bars
Straight Scoop Slide
Turbo Spiral Slide
Swing (Belt)
Swing (Tire)
Talk Tube
Window Shutters
Balcony Door

No tree? No problem! Treehouses that come with their own TREE. These are the most creative play structures on the market today. Each project is built to order, meaning we don't just grab and item that has been sitting around waiting for someone else to buy it. Each tree house begins with a real log that has been reclaimed from local ranchers. We hollow it out using a 7' chainsaw, cut a doorway and a window, add a cut little porch and eave, flower box and a short ladder which ascends through the clubhouse trap door. On top of the log is a cartoon inspired, whimsical clubhouse with crooked windows and a sagging roofline. Every clubhouse features sturdy construction using Douglas Fir framing, cedar board siding and redwood for the balcony, staircase and support posts. Recycled cedar shingles cap off the roof, weather proven paint accents the exterior and fun rust accents adorn the entire play structure. Most importantly, all of our tree houses are built with fun, durability and safety in mind.

Selecting the right tree house for your family is an important decision. Consider:
How large is your play area?
Is access to the site available?
How many children will be playing in the playhouse?
What play accessories are adequate for their enjoyment? (Swing, slide, monkey bars, etc)

We feature two models of each playhouse, a standard and deluxe. THis means there is something right for your family. We also have a large variety of accessories available and you can pick from our selection of popular tree house colors. We will arrange all of the shipping details and coordinate with you on a delivery date. Prior to your treehouse's arrival the installation site will need to be prepared with a small concrete pad. Typically the treehouse is shipped on a flatbed, semi-truck and will arrive in pre-assembled, large components (log with porch, clubhouse, balcony, staircase. etc.) depending on which model you have ordered. Due to the size and weight a forklift will be necessary to unload and install the treehouse. Each tree comes with easy to follow instructions, concrete piers and all necessary hardware. We will even include some touch up paint in case your tree house gets a scratch during the installation process.