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Rhode Island Blazer

Rhode Island Blazer
Rhode Island Blazer Rhode Island Blazer
Product Code: SSS-TRBXT
Price: $9,973.00
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It all starts with recycled plastic. The same plastic you throw away after you drink a bottle of water. That plastic is used to make the vinyl for our swingsets. The lumber is cut to size to provide strength and stability. Lifetime guaranteed, preserved wood is then covered with vinyl sleeves and caps to ensure a maintenance free and splinter free finish. Stainless steel is used for swing hangers and fasteners.

This model includes:
Two 4x8 Double Deck Towers
3' Tunnel Tube
SLIDES:7' Terrific, 10' and 14' Awesome, 10' Turning Tube, 18' Bending Blast
5' ladder,5' Rock CLimber/Ladder Combo, 12' Ramp
Fabric Roof
Deluxe Baby Swing
Ship Wheel, Telescope,Tic-Tac Toe, Ball Pit with 1500 Playballs, 4' Picnic Table
Space Needed:27x30

Price listed as "starting at", final pricing varies depending on final features and options selected.