15 Row 33 foot Elevated Galvanized Frame Bleacher

Elevated will enhance your sight lines!

This model features:
5,8,10 and 15 Row Units
8" Rise with 24" Tread
10" seat plank
17" Front Row Seat Height
Available in 21,27 and 33' length
Aluminum or Galvanized Frame
Double Footboards and Risers
30" elevation above finished (ground) grade
Chain link guardrail
Aisles with Handrails
Accessed via stairs and ramps
5 year warranty

Additional Options:
Aluminum or Galvanized Vertical Picket Guardrail
ADA accessibility options
Mud Sills (wood sleepers)

Seats 288 at Depth 34'6"

Meets quality certification requirements fror Standard Steel Building Structures from the American Institute of Steel Construction.

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15 Row 33 foot Elevated Galvanized Frame Bleacher

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