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Aluminum and Stainless Steel Slides

tube slide Slide FAQ Answers!
Aluminum Spiral Slides typically require a minimum footprint of 64" diameter unobstructed.

What size slide do I need?  Slides are usually described by the height of the deck or landing that they attach to and depart from. Don't confuse this with LENGTH or run of the slide.   The length of a slide is probably near double the (deck) height of the slide.

Refer to ASTM F1487 and CPSC Pub 325 for information about head, side or lateral clearance and safety zones.   This will add a minimum of 21" right and left of the sides of the slide bedway.

Can I get higher than 12'?  Yes, but there are safety concerns and guidelines to follow.     

I need a different orientation or layout.:  Many slides can be built or configured to end up in the right direction.   We will look at your sketch, plan or ideas to help with a solution. Treehouse Slide? Indoor Slide? Outdoor slide? Let us know!

Many slides may be utilized as a water slide or pool slide (also called a FLUME slide). A DRY SLIDE may be used as an indoor slide or outdoor slide. On a hill, slope or architectural buildout, you may be looking for an embankment slide, hill slide, or slope slide.  A THEME SLIDE may incorporate unique colors, or added theme events or features. A CUSTOM SLIDE may be designed to fit your unique space, theme, concept or idea. Many office, business or commercial venues are looking for a STAINLESS STEEL slide.
Spiral Slide 14 foot
 Spiral Slides 
Also called: Treehouse Slide, Twisty Slide, Helical Slide or Helix Slide
Straight Trough Slide aluminum tube slide Freestanding 72 inch slide
custom tube slides  Standard and CUSTOM
Around when you were a child, still around for generations to come! 1917 slide
(Patented 1916, photo ca 1917)
Left turn trough slide
tube slide entrance 1949 slide
(June, 1949)
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 freestanding slide
Free Standing Slides
water slide

Water Slides
tube slide
Tube Slides
Residential Slides
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Playground Slides
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Tunnels & Crawls
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Indoor Commercial Slides
35 foot trough slide
Backyard, residential, indoor, outdoor, commercial facility, office, school, church, firehouse, berm, or dozens of other places!  Backed by over 100 years of manufacturing experience we serve customers from concept to installation. Complete service from design, detailed engineering , through manufacturing to installation.  Architects, designers, builders, contractors, park management, homeowners, teachers and many others work with us to turn ideas into fun.