zero two age group play
We recognize that infants and toddlers require separate areas with appropriately sized equipment and materials to serve their development needs. Choose from freestanding events that allow climbing and crawling and other age appropriate interactive play, or mazes that can be customized just like any of our larger structures.  Here are some of our most popular items for todders!  For a complete selection, visit our website.  

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Tot- Trek
Durable and UV Stabilized HDPE Plastic Components
Design with your budget in mind
Ability to add on play components later
Available in Circus and Forest Color themes
Tot Trek
Starter Module includes: 18" deck, 4 wall panels, stairs, slide, bubble window, texture panel and climber.  Model TFR0520XX
Tot Trek TFR0533XX
Base and Starter Module with Add ons
Includes starter module, 2 base modules, bridge, climber, stairs Model TFR0533XX
Tot Trek TFR0518XX
Base and Starter Modules with more add ons!
Includes Starter Module, 3 Base Modules, Bridge, Climber, Stairs, Tube, Activity Panels.  
rubber mushrooms
Rubber Mushrooms
Available in three color schemes: blue with red dots, green with yellow dots, and red with green dots.
11.5  39 lbs.
15.5  49 lbs.
19.5  56 lbs.
Sunshine Mountain
Available in your choice from our plastics color palette!

Puppet Show
Freestanding Puppet Show
Entertain your little ones with our new puppet show panel. Individual lily pads sold separately, you design the seating!
Shaded Swing Station

swing shade

Shade the little ones while at play!  This modular ensemble provides safe play fun! Choose from a variety of shade  and frame colors!
gas station panels
Gas Station
The gas station may be configured to your layout as a single panel, or additional windows added for more fuel up service!  Talk Tubes may be added to create a customer service training experience.
trike track
Trike Track
As shown:
Freestanding Gas Station, Ground Level Arch Bridge, Freestanding Store Front, a pair of Talk Tubes, and  three Traffic Signs. Track and turf priced additional.  May be purchased as set, or mix and match components to create your own unique layout.
cafe table with seats
Cafe Table
This versatile light weight table can be used as a freestanding item or included in a playhouse. 24 Diameter, 24 High. Sold as a set of four pieces, or Table and Lily pads sold separately.
fun table
Fun Table
Large, heavy-duty 3/4 plastic picnic table provides ample room for meals, drawing and play. 48 diameter.
steering wheel
Steering Wheel
Teach children motion and imagination
 with this post mounted steering wheel.
Freestanding Arch Bridge
Free standing Arch Bridge
Durable and long lasting play with a bridge to greater learning.  
Infant Gazebo

Features 5 Play Events including a crawl tunnel, bubble panel, gear panel and our new frog crawl through panel and new kitchen panel.  Designed for 6 children, actual size 12' x 10' with an ASTM Use Zone of 24'x22'.   Weight 752 lbs.
talk tubes
Talk Tubes
Children have fun talking long distance with this great activity.
Sound is conducted through underground tubing from one station
to another. Talk tubes are used in pairs that can
be attached to a playstructure or freestanding (as shown).
Kid Krawler 

Features decks that are 24 off the ground and a half gate for easy access to crawlers. Also features window, bubble and starbursts panels along with a crawl tunnel and tube slide. Designed for 18 child capacity.  Actual Size 14' x 4', ASTM Use Zone 28' x 16'. Weight 739 lbs.
Toddler Step N Slide
Model PS3-28618
Toddlers can access this playground with a single lily pad step and go for a ride down the 90 curve slide. This unit also features a touch of fun with our new buttlerfly toppers. Designed at 10 child capacity.  Actual size 5'x12' with an ASTM Use Zone of 17'x24'. Weight 618 lbs.
Playland Playhouse
Model PS3-29180

Imaginative play abounds inside this playhouse. Included are the store front and window panels along with our new kitchen panel and freestanding cafe table.
Child Capacity 10, Actual Size 15' x 9', ASTM Use Zone 17' x 21'.  Weight 842 lbs.
Infant Galore
Model PS3-29164

Features 10 panels that encourage imaginative and interactive play: Bubble, Gear, Abacus, Crawl Thru, Window w/Seat, Store Front, Kitchen, Puppet, Frog Crawl and Ball Turn. 12x12 shade included. Child Capacity 12, Actual Size 11' x 9', ASTM Use Zone 23' x 21'. Weight 1197 lbs.
Create your OWN unique playspace with these and many more options!
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