New Mexico Discount Program

You or your organization may be eligible for a discount on your playground equipment, recreation, sports, athletics or amenities.  Contact us for more information .  Not all organizations are listed. Some states have more enrolled affiliates and this list may become long for some states. You may wish to SEARCH this page with your web browser to find a keyword or name of your area or organization. Scroll to the end of the page for a search tool for our entire website, a request for information form or our email address. To visit our website, click on our colorful logo at the end of the page!

National School Boards Association BBNPC
New Mexico School Boards Association
District name City County name
Abq Sign Language Academy Albuquerque Bernalillo
Alamo Navajo School Magdalena Socorro
Alamogordo Public Schools Alamogordo Otero
Albuquerque Public Schools Albuquerque Bernalillo
Animas Public Schools Animas Hidalgo
Artesia Public Schools Artesia Eddy
Atsa' Biya' A'ZH Community School Shiprock San Juan
Aztec Municipal Schools Aztec San Juan
Baca-Dlo'Ay Azhi Community School Prewitt McKinley
Beclabito Day School Shiprock San Juan
Belen Consolidated Schools Belen Valencia
Bernalillo Public Schools Bernalillo Sandoval
Bloomfield Schools Bloomfield San Juan
Bread Springs Day School Gallup McKinley
Capitan Municipal Schools Capitan Lincoln
Carlsbad Municipal Schools Carlsbad Eddy
Carrizozo Municipal Schools Carrizozo Lincoln
Central Consolidated Schools Shiprock San Juan
Chama Valley Independent Schools Tierra Amarilla Rio Arriba
Chi Chil'Tah Comm School Vanderwagen McKinley
Childrens Psyc School District Albuquerque Bernalillo
Cimarron Municipal Schools Cimarron Colfax
Clayton Municipal Schools Clayton Union
Cloudcroft Municipal Schools Cloudcroft Otero
Clovis Municipal School District Clovis Curry
Cobre Consolidated Schools Bayard Grant
Corona Municipal Schools Corona Lincoln
Cottonwood Classical Prep Albuquerque Bernalillo
Cuba Independent Schools Cuba Sandoval
Deming Public Schools Deming Luna
Des Moines Municipal Schools Des Moines Union
Dexter Consolidated Schools Dexter Chaves
Dibe Yazhi Habltiin Olta' Inc Crownpoint McKinley
Dora Municipal Schools Dora Roosevelt
Dulce Independent Schools Dulce Rio Arriba
Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle Community School Bloomfield San Juan
Elida Municipal Schools Elida Roosevelt
Espanola Public Schools Espanola Rio Arriba
Estancia Municipal Schools Estancia Torrance
Eunice Municipal Schools Eunice Lea
Farmington Municipal Schools Farmington San Juan
Floyd Municipal Schools Floyd Roosevelt
Fort Sumner Municipal Schools Fort Sumner De Baca
Gadsden Independent School District Sunland Park Dona Ana
Gallup-McKinley Cty Schools Gallup McKinley
Grady Municipal Schools Grady Curry
Grants-Cibola County Schools Grants Cibola
Hagerman Municipal Schools Hagerman Chaves
Hanaa'Dli Community School Bloomfield San Juan
Hatch Valley Public Schools Hatch Dona Ana
Hobbs Municipal Schools Hobbs Lea
Hondo Valley Public Schools Hondo Lincoln
Horizon Academy West Albuquerque Bernalillo
House Municipal Schools House Quay
Isleta Elementary School Isleta Bernalillo
Jal Public Schools Jal Lea
Jemez Day School Jemez Pueblo Sandoval
Jemez Mountain Public Schools Gallina Rio Arriba
Jemez Valley Public Schools Jemez Pueblo Sandoval
Laguna Elementary School Laguna Cibola
Laguna Middle School Laguna Cibola
Lake Arthur Municipal Schools Lake Arthur Chaves
Lake Valley Navajo School Crownpoint San Juan
Las Cruces Public Schools Las Cruces Dona Ana
Las Vegas City Public Schools Las Vegas San Miguel
Logan Municipal Schools Logan Quay
Lordsburg Municipal Schools Lordsburg Hidalgo
Los Alamos Public Schools Los Alamos Los Alamos
Los Lunas Public Schools Los Lunas Valencia
Loving Municipal Schools Loving Eddy
Lovington Municipal Schools Lovington Lea
Magdalena Municipal Schools Magdalena Socorro
Mariano Lake Community School Crownpoint McKinley
Maxwell Municipal Schools Maxwell Colfax
Media Arts Charter Albuquerque Bernalillo
Melrose Public Schools Melrose Curry
Mesa Vista Consolidated Schools El Rito Rio Arriba
Mescalero Apache School Mescalero Otero
Mora Independent Schools Mora Mora
Moriarty Municipal Schools Moriarty Torrance
Mosquero Municipal Schools Mosquero Harding
Mountainair Public Schools Mountainair Torrance
Na' Neelzhiin Ji'Olta Cuba Sandoval
Navajo Preparatory School Farmington San Juan
Nenahnezad Community School Fruitland San Juan
New Mexico International School Corrales Santa Fe
New Mexico Navajo Central Education Line Office Crownpoint McKinley
New Mexico Navajo North Education Line Office Shiprock San Juan
New Mexico Navajo South Education Line Office Gallup McKinley
New Mexico North Education Line Office Shiprock San Juan
New Mexico School for the Deaf District Sante Fe Santa Fe
New Mexico School for the Visually Handicapped District Alamogordo Otero
North Valley Charter Albuquerque Bernalillo
Ohkay Owingeh Community School Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo Rio Arriba
Ojo Encino Day School Cuba Sandoval
Pecos Independent Schools Pecos San Miguel
Penasco Independent Schools Penasco Taos
Pine Hill Schools Pine Hill Cibola
Pojoaque Valley Public Schools Pojoaque Santa Fe
Portales Municipal Schools Portales Roosevelt
Pueblo Pintado Community School Cuba Sandoval
Quemado Independent Schools Datil Catron
Questa Independent Schools Questa Taos
Raton Public Schools Raton Colfax
Reserve Public Schools Reserve Catron
Rio Rancho Public Schools Rio Rancho Sandoval
Roswell Independent Schools Roswell Chaves
Roy Municipal Schools Roy Harding
Ruidoso Municipal Schools Ruidoso Lincoln
San Felipe Pueblo Elementary School San Felipe Pueblo Sandoval
San Ildefonso Day School Santa Fe Santa Fe
San Jon Municipal Schools San Jon Quay
Sanostee Day School Sanostee San Juan
Santa Clara Day School Espanola Rio Arriba
Santa Fe Indian School Santa Fe Santa Fe
Santa Fe Public Schools Sante Fe Santa Fe
Santa Rosa Consolidated Schools Santa Rosa Guadalupe
Sequoyah School District Albuquerque Bernalillo
Shiprock Northwest High School Shiprock San Juan
Silver Consolidated Schools Silver City Grant
Sky City Community School Acoma Cibola
Socorro Consolidated Schools Socorro Socorro
Springer Municipal Schools Springer Colfax
T Or C Municipal Schools Truth Or Consequences Sierra
T'Iists'Oozi'Bi'Olta Crownpoint McKinley
T'Siya Elementary and Middle School Zia Pueblo Sandoval
Taos Day School Taos Taos
Taos Municipal Schools Taos Taos
Tatum Municipal Schools Tatum Lea
Te Tsu Geh Oweenge Day School Santa Fe Santa Fe
Texico Municipal Schools Texico Curry
To'Hajiilee Day School Canoncito Cibola
Tohaali' Community School Newcomb San Juan
Tse'II'Ahi' Community School Crownpoint McKinley
Tucumcari Public Schools Tucumcari Quay
Tularosa Municipal Schools Tularosa Otero
Vaughn Municipal Schools Vaughn Guadalupe
Wagon Mound Public Schools Wagon Mound Mora
West Las Vegas Public Schools Las Vegas San Miguel
Wingate Elementary School Fort Wingate McKinley
Wingate High School Fort Wingate McKinley
Zuni Public Schools Zuni McKinley
11th Judicial District Court (NM) BBNPC
Acoma Business Enterprises (NM) BBNPC
Alamogordo City of (NM) BBNPC
Albuquerque Public Schools
Albuquerque, NM
Enrollment: 89,003
National Affiliate District ID: 0000000988
Animal Human Association (NM) BBNPC
Artesia Public School District
Artesia, NM
Enrollment: 3,700
National Affiliate District ID: 0000088414
Belen Consolidated School District
Belen, NM
Enrollment: 4,731
National Affiliate District ID: 0000006983
Ben Archer Health Center (NM) BBNPC
Bernalillo Public Schools
Bernalillo, NM
Enrollment: 3,707
National Affiliate District ID: 0000011290
Bernalillo Town of (NM) BBNPC
Bloomfield City of (NM) BBNPC
Bloomfield School District
Bloomfield, NM
Enrollment: 3,700
National Affiliate District ID: 0000079030
Carlsbad Municipal School District
Carlsbad, NM
Enrollment: 5,932
National Affiliate District ID: 0000015425
Catron County (NM) BBNPC
Central Consolidated School District #22
Shiprock, NM
Enrollment: 6,948
National Affiliate District ID: 0000009349
Chama Valley Independent School Dist. 19
Tierra Amarilla, NM
Enrollment: 550
National Affiliate District ID: 0000007593
Cimarron Municipal Schools
Cimarron, NM
Enrollment: 523
National Affiliate District ID: 0000007702
Clayton Municipal Schools
Clayton, NM
Enrollment: 540
National Affiliate District ID: 0000012377
Clovis Community College (NM) BBNPC
Clovis Housing and ReDevelopment (NM) BBNPC
Clovis Municipal School District
Clovis, NM
Enrollment: 8,329
National Affiliate District ID: 0000001979
Cobre Consolidated Schools
Bayard, NM
Enrollment: 2,000
National Affiliate District ID: 0000005670
Cuba School District
Cuba, NM
Enrollment: 700
National Affiliate District ID: 0000023306
Deming Public Schools
Deming, NM
Enrollment: 5,500
National Affiliate District ID: 0000026732
Dona Ana County (NM) BBNPC
Dulce School District
Dulce, NM
Enrollment: 651
National Affiliate District ID: 0000013275
Espanola Public Schools
Espanola, NM
Enrollment: 5,327
National Affiliate District ID: 0000000983
Estancia Municipal Schools
Estancia, NM
Enrollment: 950
National Affiliate District ID: 0000079450
Estancia Valley Solid Waste Authority (NM) BBNPC
Farmers Electic Coop Inc (NM) BBNPC
Farmington City of (NM) BBNPC
Farmington Municipal School District 5
Farmington, NM
Enrollment: 10,134
National Affiliate District ID: 0000156993
Gadsden Independent School District #16
Anthony, NM
Enrollment: 14,000
National Affiliate District ID: 0000015685
Gallup-McKinley County School District 1
Gallup, NM
Enrollment: 12,000
National Affiliate District ID: 0000000986
Grants-Cibola County Schools
Grants, NM
Enrollment: 4,027
National Affiliate District ID: 0000005282
Greentree Solid Waste Authority (NM) BBNPC
Hobbs Municipal School District
Hobbs, NM
Enrollment: 8,184
National Affiliate District ID: 0000016149
Hope Christian Schools, Inc. (NM) BBNPC
Jemez Mountain School District #53
Gallina, NM
Enrollment: 355
National Affiliate District ID: 0000015826
La Promesa Early Learning Center (NM) BBNPC
Las Cruces City of (NM) BBNPC
Las Cruces School District #2
Las Cruces, NM
Enrollment: 23,897
National Affiliate District ID: 0000013402
Las Vegas City School District
Las Vegas, NM
Enrollment: 2,850
National Affiliate District ID: 0000086026
Las Vegas West School District
Las Vegas, NM
Enrollment: 1,637
National Affiliate District ID: 0000028832
Los Alamos Public Schools
Los Alamos, NM
Enrollment: 3,690
National Affiliate District ID: 0000006710
Los Lunas Schools
Los Lunas, NM
Enrollment: 8,344
National Affiliate District ID: 0000008075
Loving Municipal School District
Loving, NM
Enrollment: 565
National Affiliate District ID: 0000021599
Lovington Municipal School District #31
Lovington, NM
Enrollment: 2,770
National Affiliate District ID: 0000117914
Mesa Vista Consolidated School Dist. #6
El Rito, NM
Enrollment: 510
National Affiliate District ID: 0000007836
Milan Village of (NM) BBNPC
Mora Independent School District
Mora, NM
Enrollment: 540
National Affiliate District ID: 0000023307
Mountainair Public School District
Mountainair, NM
Enrollment: 370
National Affiliate District ID: 0000005600
Navajo Preparatory School, Inc. (NM) BBNPC
New Bedford City of (NM) BBNPC
New Mexico State University (NM) BBNPC
North Central Solid Waste Authority (NM) BBNPC
Pecos Independent School District
Pecos, NM
Enrollment: 734
National Affiliate District ID: 0000080999
Pojoaque Valley Schools
Santa Fe, NM
Enrollment: 1,957
National Affiliate District ID: 0000002376
Portales City of (NM) BBNPC
Portales Municipal School District
Portales, NM
Enrollment: 2,800
National Affiliate District ID: 0000012687
Questa Independent School District
Questa, NM
Enrollment: 500
National Affiliate District ID: 0000002432
Roosevelt County (NM) BBNPC
Ruidoso Municipal School District
Ruidoso, NM
Enrollment: 2,292
National Affiliate District ID: 0000024095
Santa Fe City of (NM) BBNPC
Santa Fe School District
Santa Fe, NM
Enrollment: 12,332
National Affiliate District ID: 0000002868
Santa Rosa Consolidated Schools
Santa Rosa, NM
Enrollment: 821
National Affiliate District ID: 0000022608
Socorro Consolidated School District
Socorro, NM
Enrollment: 1,763
National Affiliate District ID: 0000028686
South Valley Academy (NM) BBNPC
Southwestern Electric Cooperative (NM) BBNPC
St. Andrews Episcopal Church (NM) BBNPC
St. Anthony Zuni Indian Mission (NM) BBNPC
St. Bonaventure Indian Mission and School (NM) BBNPC
Silver City Town of (NM) BBNPC
Sunland Park City of (NM) BBNPC
Taos County (NM) BBNPC
Taos Municipal School District
Taos, NM
Enrollment: 3,141
National Affiliate District ID: 0000079549
To'Hajiilee Community School
Laguna, NM
Enrollment: 345
National Affiliate District ID: 0000024612
Tucumcari Public School District
Tucumcari, NM
Enrollment: 1,065
National Affiliate District ID: 0000024129
Tularosa Municipal School District
Tularosa, NM
Enrollment: 965
National Affiliate District ID: 0000088416
Zuni Public School District 89
Zuni, NM
Enrollment: 1,770
National Affiliate District ID: 0000076570


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