• 3 inch LadyPro Carbon Volleyball System
LadyPro Carbon Women's Volleyball SystemJaypro's new top of the line - Women's only competitive carbon vol-leyball system. Ultra-lite and Ultra-strong! The LadyPro uprightweighs less than 18 lbs. (under 21 lbs. with winch), which comparesto aluminum uprights which can weigh as much as 40 lbs. or steelones weighing 60 lbs. Designed exclusively for woman's volleyballwith an official height of 7'4-1/8” (2.24 meters), which makes for asystem that is easy to set-up - time after time. Comes with adjustablefeet having up to 3” of fine tuning adjustment, to achieve that preciseofficial height during initial set-up. The poles are fabricated fromstate-of-the-art carbon composite material, which is specially woundto maximize rigidity, giving them the stiffness of steel at a weight farlighter than aluminum. Available in two sizes to fit standard 3” or3-1/2” diameter floor sleeves. Complete system includes: Uprightswith Worm Drive Winch, Patented Flex Net, Upright Padding and Antennae.

The only ALL CARBON System on the Market (no Aluminum Sections)

Strong as Steel, Lighter than Aluminum

Even a 5 year old can lift it!

3 inch LadyPro Carbon Volleyball System

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