• Indoor Playground Model 6836-1
Child Capacity: 18
Size: 16'10" x 16'8" x 18'1"
Ages: 5-12
Features: Octalink Tower, Interactive Turbo Copter, Shoe Saver, Lookout Sphere, Hook Slide, Two Level Spiral Slide

Soft contained, indoor playgrounds for 2 to 12 year olds, in a secure and protective environment. Suitable for challenging and exploring their capabilities. Children can step into a world where imagination, education and healthy play rule! Our playgrounds are designed with technology and safety in mind. In fact, we pride ourselves on meeting some of the industry’s strictest safety standards. Great for restaurant playground, indoor community center playground, church playground, family center playground, or many other venues. Playgrounds within family entertainment centers allow for the most natural form of exercise for a child - playing! Playgrounds transform your venue into a destination. Let your imagination run wild and let's develop a custom theme that fits your needs.

Ask about tiles for your safety surfacing, available for this model (additional). Price does not include freight or installation.

Indoor Playground Model 6836-1

  • Product Code: 6836-1
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