• 3 Row Bleacher 21 foot Tip and Roll Powder Coated
Tip and roll bleachers are ideal for indoor use. All aluminum seat planks and under-structure provide a lightweight, stable bleacher that is easily tipped for easy mobility. These bleachers are a great addition to any field or facility.
Seat planks are 10 foot wide non skid aluminum
Planks are supported by a strong aluminum under-structure
Transition foot prevents floor marking. Includes four 4 foot non-marring swivel casters
Available in 15 foot long (seats 20/30) or 21 foot long (seats 28/42)
Powder coat your bleacher for a custom look! Match your school colors!

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IBC 2006 States that NO aisle is required for 3 and 4 row bleachers if:
  1. Seats are without backrests
  2. Rise from row to row does not exceed 6"
  3. Row spacing does not exceed 28"
  4. First row seat height is no more than 12" above grade
  5. Seat boards have a flat surface
  6.  Seat boards provide a walking surface with a minimum width of 11"
  7. Egress from seating is not restricted by obstructions

A GUARDRAIL is only required at 30" above grade.   You should check local codes for any requirements, restrictions or guidelines.

3 Row Bleacher 21 foot Tip and Roll Powder Coated

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