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When 2 Points Are Known
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For example, if you want to calculate the slope of a playground area, you need to know the drop in inches over the size of the area.;; Convert the ground distance of the playground zone to inches.; For example, 45' = 540'.; Measure the drop from the highest grade to the lowest grade along that 45' line.; While fancy survey equipment would be handy, it is quite simple to pull a string or rope taught across the axis.; With a long level (more accurate) or square (less accurate) level the line horizontally.; Measure the distance from the string to the ground at both ends.;; The important task here is to make sure the line is level.; If you find that on one end your line to the ground is 20 inches and the other end the line to the ground is 15 inches, you have a 5" drop.;; Find the highest and lowest points on the axis to properly calculate.;;; Fill in the table above with the point coordinates.;;


The Y- Coordinate is the drop amount from your horizontal line.;; If you find a drop of 11", you would enter 11

0 at one end is y2

Enter the amount of the drop as y1


How far away is your lowest point?;For the X- Coordinate, enter in inches the distance of the x-axis, or how long it is from point a to B.;;

0 at one end is x2

Enter the number of inches to the end of the line.

Press the calculate button; and the; SLOPE is calculated.; ;;

When Slope and 1 Point Are Known
Example: A line has a slope of 9 and passes through the point (7,5). What is the equation?
From the above example, we can use the formula:
b = y - mx
b = 5 - 97
b = -58
Putting this in standard form:
y = 9x -58
Use this example in the calculator below.

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